Roses Are Red - NO They Are White!

The work I do with Spirit is always special, but sometimes it is when you get to revisit a connection it can remind of how truly unique it is. 

When in the middle of an event or even in a private session, you can be so caught in the 'action' (the channeling), that you only really remember snippets of what came through. After all, the message is for someone else and really has no direct meaning to the medium in question so we stay with the flow and keep going. Therefore, it is when the client or recipient takes time out to message and make us aware of what was said and what it meant, that the power of this work can really sink in. Here is a case in point, with a lovely lady named Rosemary that messaged in with her story and her connection.

It was a timely reminder for me of how important this work is and that if you are looking to hear from your passed loved ones, be patient, believe it will happen and wait for the magic to happen. For when it does you will feel the way Rosemary does. Here is her story.

"My father died in April 2010 and my mother died on February 10, 2019, her funeral held the day after Valentines Day, and it was only a short time later I saw that you were doing a Medium Event at Karralyka in Ringwood Victoria - 5 minutes from where I live. I attended by myself, not really knowing exactly who you were other than a Medium and I was meant to be there. 

I sat listening in awe to the people you connected with and I felt so emotional with the connections you made.  Then you said you had a man is his 80’s has come thru to you and he was well dressed with a collared shirt, jacket and tie.  He’d been in the service and had an affiliation with Water. The month of February was prominent and the date around Valentines Day. Four people in the audience put up their hands and one by one you gently ruled them out.  And then you pulled this face full of disgust like you had sucked sour lemons and you said you could taste something horrible like Spam.

I put up my hand very tentatively and then you plied me with other details to see if this spirit was for me.  It was my dad and I couldn’t for the life of me, at the time, remember why my dad would be limping.  You told me not to worry as I ticked every other boxes of details.  Of course I remembered later that night that my father in his 70’s had climbed a ladder in the rain to try and get a drowned feral cat out of his water tank at his holiday home in Metung.  He slipped and broke his leg. My father was in the navy and he was a sailing man thru and thru.   He served in international waters and the meals were pretty ordinary, but I remembered when I was a child, mum had opened a tin of ham and my dad apologetically that he couldn’t eat it as they had Spam for too many meals whilst he was on board the navy corvette. Then an elderly lady came thru standing by my dads side. She had a white rose in one hand & a red rose in her other hand. Her hands were crossed over each other, did I know who this was and what did it mean.  My mum had told me she wanted red roses on her coffin but because it was Valentines Day the day before her funeral, we had to change to having white roses instead. You also told me that dad was holding her right hand when she passed. I explained that she had a stroke and had no feeling down her left side, so my family and I held her right hand to let her know we were with her.

I was so moved and so emotional, and you came up to me at the break to see if I was okay. I explained that that very morning before I came to see you, we had sprinkled mum's ashes and I had asked dad to please come thru so I would know that he had held mum's hand and taken her to the other side.  I had come to see you as an absolute wreck, but I floated out of the Karralyka Theatre feeling so euphoric as you told me that dad had held onto mum's right hand and was with her constantly. You gave me so much peace and I can never thank you enough for that. I have been to see you for a second time at Karralyka and again at Geelong in rural Victoria. Now I come to hear the connections you make with other people who need to know their loved ones are ok.  You are brilliant Peter, you’re empathetic and as funny as a circus, you’re the real deal. Thank you."

 - Rosemary

Rosemary now joins the rest of the Peter's private online community, POW (Pearls of Wisdom) where we share in the magic of connecting and healing with Spirit. In addition to this you find and meet like minded souls where you can chat, interact and learn in a safe and secure environment. If you would like a chance to connect, learn and explore with Peter then you can learn more by looking here at the POW group.


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