The 3 Phases of Energy

Perhaps you might want to get comfortable and grab a cuppa before we get into this.

The reason this is important is because I have been seeing and chatting with quite a few people and there is a common pattern that I noticed. That pattern is hearing people say they are 'lost', 'stuck', 'overwhelmed', or even 'burnt out' or close to doing so. Have you noticed yourself feeling these or saying these? If you have there is good news and bad news. Let's get the bad news out of the way first.

The bad news is that these things are warning signs. They are warning signs that you are no longer in sync with yourself and your own energy. Of course, the important thing here is that you really need to pay attention to them otherwise things in your life can and will deteriorate. Now for the GOOD NEWS! The good news here is that when you are experiencing these moments and feelings it is the deeper part of you showing you that there is more available to you. It is showing and telling you that there is a better way for you to be living. How do you really know that this is what it is trying to tell you? Well, this is where the PUSH-PAUSE-PULL Energy phases come in. It's now time to delve into each one so you can identify which one you are in and what you can expect when you are in that phase.


This is where you are chasing and really driving yourself to accomplish things because you think you need them. The motivating factor here is all about 'checking the boxes' off your list. When in this type of energy, you will find it can come from all areas of your life, but the majority of them are tangible and materialistic things. These can include and are not limited to - money, house, car, relationships, career, job title or status, physical health, appearance and so on. What you will find is that once you complete or 'check the box' with things in this energy you will simply ask yourself 'Okay, I've done that or got that so what next?'  While achieving these things is not bad in any way, what you will find is that in terms of an energy source, driving force, or fuel, it is a very crude form and requires you to keep pushing yourself. Then it is only natural that over a period of time, you will run out of fuel or find that topping up the tank so to speak will become more arduous and taxing.  


Have you ever looked around at the people in your life and thought, 'Gee-whiz, they really are lucky. They seem to cruise through life without any major worry. Can I order 10 of whatever they are drinking?' This sums up Pull Energy. 

The energy in this phase is very powerful. It is where you will find that you want to wake up, take on the world and possibly even want to change it. The energy source or fuel used here does not come from your mind or your want to tick off that checklist. In actual fact, it comes from deep within you and when you find it, you really align with your energy and it feels as though the universe itself is holding out its hand and saying, 'Grab my hand and let me help you!'

It is not finite or has a limit, it becomes more about how much you can actually imagine and create. Now, I am not saying there will not be challenges, but you will find that you might enjoy them more or have a different attitude to tackle them with because you know there is something better on the other side of that challenge!

To quickly surmise the difference between push and pull energy phases I am going to use a fuel metaphor. PUSH energy is like tapping into and using coal or fossil fuels to keep you going, while PULL energy is tapping into solar and other renewable energies that just seem limitless. Now with this comparison in mind, which one would you rather use and run on?


I have purposely left this to last. Whilst this phase is fairly self-explanatory because it is exactly what the name suggests - you pause, but it is also the danger zone! This energy phase is also called 'No Man's Land'. It is an uninhabited or desolate area that may be in dispute between parties who leave it unoccupied out of fear or uncertainty. Hence this is the area between push and pull. This happens when you are no longer interested or no longer wish to expend your energy simply by checking off boxes. It is as if you run out of fuel to burn or the interests you were seeking before no longer have the same appeal. This usually means that you are not doing much. You are no longer pushing, which is good, but at the same time not really moving forward either, which can also cause frustration. The great thing about this energy phase is that it will allow you to pause so you can calibrate and see what is really important to you and how you wish to move forward. I personally believe that if you are in this energy phase you are 'being called' to do more or to evolve, which is great. However, the reason why it is so dangerous is because this is where your fear WILL come out and this is where you must truly face yourself! If you stay here too long you will find all areas of your life can take a severe downturn.

Now, if you are reading this and thinking, 'Too late Pete, already there in the abyss of no man's land' don't despair for as my mentor says, 'Remember that the BREAKDOWN comes before the BREAKTHROUGH!' And if you are finding yourself here, use this time to stop and take stock of where you are and of what you really want. As much as you might be struggling, know that you have the answers inside you. Stop looking outside! Stop trying to rush through it! That's a push energy! Stop looking for someone to tell you they are for that it rarely happens that way. You need to find it within you for when you do you will light a spark as bright as any sun in the universe and it burns for as long as you nurture it!

Now I hope this helps clarify what energy phase you are in now. Feel free to hit reply and let me know where you are at, what your thoughts are, or if you have any questions.

Lastly, I just want to say that I appreciate YOU and YOUR time and that you do not have to do this alone!


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