The 3 Phases of Energy

Perhaps you might want to get comfortable and grab a cuppa before we get into this.

The reason this is important is because I have been seeing and chatting with quite a few people and there is a common pattern that I noticed. That pattern is hearing people say they are 'lost', 'stuck', 'overwhelmed', or even 'burnt out' or close to doing so. Have you noticed yourself feeling these or saying these? If you have there is good news and bad news. Let's get the bad news out of the way first.

The bad news is that these things are warning signs. They are warning signs that you are no longer in sync with yourself and your own energy. Of course, the important thing here is that you really need to pay attention to them otherwise things in your life can and will deteriorate. Now for the GOOD NEWS! The good news here is that when you are experiencing these moments and feelings it is the deeper part of you showing you that there is more available to you. It is showing and telling...

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