Quick Guide to Number Sequences & Signs

Do you see number sequences a lot? Are you seeing 111, 555, 11:11, 12:34? Are they in overdrive? Are you confused by the meaning? Perhaps you are seeing them that often you are now you asking the Universe, "Seriously! WTF are you trying to tell me!?"

If you answered 'yes' to any of the the above them maybe, just maybe I might be able to help you out. I say 'maybe' purely because I take on a slightly different view point with number sequences and signs than the widely recognized Angel numbers. I use a mix of numerology and tarot insights to derive my meanings and you the best part is - I like to keep it simple so you do not get confused or overwhelmed by the meanings. Now before we jump into, a few friendly reminders -

  • This is not gospel. If you don't resonate with the meanings that is totally okay and you can hit up google again.
  • Just because you don't like the meaning, doesn't mean that it isn't right for you. There is a difference!
  • Yes, you can have multiple numbers so have look at the multiple numbers
  • If you cannot figure out the meanings, take some time to do so. I believe it is important for you to do the work and figure it out. 
  • Let's get into it!



You are bringing into your life what you are thinking and focusing on - aka manifesting. Pretty cool huh? It is until you realize you are thinking not so happy thoughts and you are bringing the bad stuff into your life. Manifesting works both ways so watch out! Perhaps seeing you 111 combos is telling to you watch your words and thoughts as well.


I find 2's to be all about relationships and your sense of reality. How are you viewing and working with the world? What's your mind chatter like? How are you connecting to and working with people whether they be family or friends? It is calling you to be present with the people and/or the universe and to trust what is happening for you at this point in time.

Number 3 - BALANCE

If you are seeing this number a fair bit, then it might be time to evaluate the balance in your life. Perhaps you already have it and you are being congratulated on achieving it. Either way, think of the juggler juggling three items at once, you must learn to always balance between the three by throwing and having one up in the air. What are you juggling at the moment or what are you needing to balance? 


Straight forward in the fact that you are been guided heavily at this time. One thing you need to keep in though is that you are being guided on what you NEED not what you WANT! Never forget this!

Number 5 - CHANGE

Nope, not the money type sorry to say. Rather that life may taking some unexpected twists and turns. Rest assured that it what is in your best interest even though it may not feel like it at the time. 


This number is what I call the SPIRITUAL BITCHSLAP! The change that occurs during the number 5 may not always be pleasant, but regardless of the outcome we must take responsibility for our part in the change. If we do not, them we may not be able to move on or you will just end up repeating the situation and lesson all over again. Now you know this what would you rather - the chance to take responsibility or a ticket to groundhog day?

Number 7 - SURRENDER

This is a very spiritual number, if  this number popping up for you then Universe and Spirit are asking to surrender. Now this does not mean give up or let a whole situation go...no, no, no! It just means give in and release control over to them knowing they will provide you with the most positive outcome of the situation for you.  


Results & rewards are around you or coming your way. Whether this is financial, emotional or both. These things tend to happen when you are in flow and when they do it is always important to be grateful. If you are finding yourself in the good graces of Universe it never hurts to give a bit of thanks to send it your way.


Things or a situation in your life is now coming to the end of it's time it perhaps it already has. Whether it is positive or negative, well that is up to you.


If zero is showing up then you have some really big new beginnings happening or going to happen in your life. These tend to be situations that last a little longer in your life and bring about new experiences, learning and new people into it. Buckle up Dorothy, because Kansas is going bye-bye!


There are the numbers and my take on the meanings for you. That said here are a couple more important hints and tips for those whole like to read. If you have gotten this far and are reading this then you deserve the extra important info. When you see your sign, do your best to recall what questions you were asking yourself? What did you want answers to? What were you thinking about it? Knowing these or teaching yourself to ask yourself these questions when seeing your sign will help you get answers and understanding quicker. The second point I want to make is, do not be afraid to make your own sign or number sequence! That's right! You can can say, 'Hey Universe, this triple number bizo is too confusing. I want to see 523. If I see 523 I know it is my sign.' Just like that you can start working to get more direct signs from universe and avoid the confusion.

For a nice easy to watch video run down of these meanings feel free to check out my Facebook page via this link here.

Just in case you need a quick handy guide then I have included this for you here. Now go show those Number Gods who's boss!




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