The purpose of this little exercise is to receive some insight about yourself. The idea is to simply choose what colour is really standing out for you in the picture. It is important to go with the one that grabs your attention and not necessarily the colour you like. You need to be honest with yourself and perhaps these little insights might help you discover what area you need to be paying attention to, working on and/or healing.

Of course, each colour has its own meaning, but should not be able to choose just one then you can take the meanings of each separate colour and combine their meanings. The meanings will be given in order from top to bottom as represented in the picture.


Violet/Crown – Connection

This chakra represents the area where we connect fully spiritually and is the conduit between our physical self and the universe. If this area was the one you chose, then you may be having some concerns around beauty/self-image and what it really means to you. This can reference both inner and outer beauty. You may be actively pursuing connection with your self and that of the divine. This may be showing itself through extra interests like meditation or other spiritual development exercises. On the other hand, it may be showing you that you have been procrastinating with such activities and pursuits and now it is time for you to investigate these with a renewed interest. Either way there is a great calling here for you now to explore and connect with something greater than yourself so do not ignore it or let this chance go by!


Indigo/Third Eye – Decisions and Vision

By choosing this colour is denotes that you are now being called to start looking at the bigger picture. This is for you and for those around you. While you are working on this you will need to attune yourself and start to trust your intuition more when making the decisions for your future. There maybe varying opinions around you what is good or not good for you, but at the end of the day, if you can learn to listen to yourself you will be able see, feel and know which path is going to be the right one for you. Great options relating to your life path and the next chapter are at hand – do not dismiss or ignore them!


Blue/Throat – Self Expression

There is no mistaking what is required here – communication! Whether this be about your feelings, opinions or your hobbies and interests, what is being called for here is YOUR TRUTH! Now is not the time to hold back or to hide from what has been needed to be said for some time now. If you chose not to speak up, then do not go blaming others if the situation does not change. Remember, same actions equals same results! The ability to speak freely is like feeling like no other and allows you to connect further with yourself and the divine.


Green/Heart – Love

You are being called to assess the love you have for yourself, your life and for others. Assessing is the easy part, but I order to gain the real love for yourself and your life you are also being called to ‘let go’ of the things in your life that no longer serve you on this level. This can be around any area of life, people, friendships, relationships, family, belongings, work etc. The point being is that recognising what no longer serves you and what does, will help you to have more space in your life for love, joy and happiness. Only you can decide what is right for you and what truly brings you these things!


Yellow/Solar Plexus – Confidence

Were you drawn to this colour because it is bright and positive feel? It should come as no surprise then that this colour represents our self-confidence, self-worth & self-esteem. By been attracted to this colour it is asking you to believe in yourself. Statements like, ‘I am enough’, ‘I am worthy’, ‘I can achieve’ are common mantras when focusing on in this area of our life. We need have a great sense of self to move forward and be positive in our lives. With this colour as your choice, you may find yourself questioning your self a lot and have a significant amount of self-doubt creeping in. It is at these times it is important for you to reflect on your past accomplishments. Remind yourself of what you have done and been through to boost your confidence because you are about to have a big growth spurt in your life and spiritual journey. You have got this!


Orange/Sacral – Pleasure

Yes, pleasure of all kinds. Hopefully, you do not need me to spell all of them out for you. New people, new places, new things, new friends, and new experiences. The great thing about choosing this colour is that your life is going to be fully of opportunity and chance. All for you to work out what it is that you really like to do. The key here is to help bring about abundance and well-being in your life. A great saying that links to this is, ‘Try everything at least once’. You and your soul are attracting these new experiences into your life so you can see that it is big wide world out there and that there is lot more for you try and do than what you have already. All these experiences are going to on a physical and external level so you will need to keep an eye open for them and of course when they present themselves do not forget to say YES!


Red/Base – Foundations

If this colour was calling you, there maybe a feeling for a need to get the basics sorted in your life. There may also be a feeling of wanting to improve your security and stability. Money, finance, food, diet, health, home, and everyday living are all things governed by this colour. It does not matter what area you might be focusing on there will be a general sense of wanting better or wanting more. The biggest obstacle is that it will seem very overwhelming at times and this will lead to fear which in turn can paralyze your momentum in life. Try your best to not let this happen. Unfortunately, there is no magic pill or cure for this, only carefully planning and working through it. Work through these issues one by one, come up with a plan, and carry them out. Once you start, you will see that it can be done, and this will only serve to empower you to keep going. Your soul is showing you want needs to be taking care of so you can start stepping more into your life and live it the way you want too!


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