005: It's Time to Let Go

In this episode of the Inna Powa podcast, we're diving deep into the topic of letting go to create space. Our last episode with Sarah Weisman was filled with so much wisdom and inspiration, and we're excited to continue that conversation. We're focusing on letting go of identity, which is a big part of personal growth. Sarah shared her own journey of being a chick-flick novelist and then finding a deeper connection with herself. And Peter also shares his own story of leaving his teaching job to start a school and then being forced to evacuate Japan during the Fukushima earthquake. It was a defining moment for him, just like it was for Sarah. By letting go, they both created space for new opportunities and growth. And isn't that what we're all striving for? To create a life that's filled with purpose and joy.

Here's the link to the episode with Sarah, in case you haven't listened or want to listen again: https://www.peterwilliamsinnapowa.com/podcasts/the-inna-powa-podcast/episodes/2147858653


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