004: Sarah Wiseman

Sarah Wiseman is a psychic, channel, and teacher of spirituality. Her mission is to teach people how to connect to the universe and receive its guidance. She calls herself the "visionary teacher" because she teaches people to see psychically, as well as revolutionizing traditional spiritual practices. She has written 16 award-winning books and published a lot of podcast episodes. 

Sarah was psychic and a medium as a child, but grew up in an area where there was no language for it and lived a mainstream conservative life. However, after a near-death experience on a plane, she realized that she needed to embrace her gifts and start teaching others to connect to the universe.

Sarah and Peter are talking about their experiences as authors and the challenges they face in balancing their introverted and extroverted personalities. Sarah mentions her struggle with being shy and feeling overwhelmed in social situations, like book fairs, while Peter relates to needing time to recharge after being in public settings. Both agree that it is important to accept their true, authentic selves and not fight their natural tendencies. They also recognize the importance of finding balance and taking time to recenter their energy.


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