fear growth guidance soul spirit Mar 21, 2020

We are all feeling the affects of the current COVID-19 outbreak and there are certainly some more affects to follow in the coming months. While this is obvious, I wanted to talk to you about the not so obvious opportunities that these uncertain times may present. These include letting go of what is no longer serving you and watching old behavioural patterns. 

It is amazing how many people have said 2020 is going to be the year. Well it certainly is, just not in the way people were hoping and thinking. I have always said it’s not going to be 2020, but 2021 that is going to be the year were everything is going to become crystallized and we can really feel the harmony of the energy moving us into this new decade. There have been a few key messages that Spirit have been relaying over the past few months and these are very much in line with the events that surround us now.

If you have been following me for a while you might recall a Facebook live feed just after Christmas about “Cut the Crap”. Well if you haven’t seen it, there was mention of that if you are not happy with how your life has been over the past 10 years, then you need to act to shift it on order to make the next 10 better for yourself. In other words, it was time for you to get real and honest with yourself in order to make this happen. I know a few of you heard the call and it helped you to see the energy for what is was. For me personally there was a big shift for me to get the Pearls of Wisdom (POW) online community up and running. I had delayed and procrastinated immensely with it. I had found almost every reason not to work on it – from ‘I don’t know how to build it’, ‘I don’t have the content’, or ‘I am not sure of the platform to use’. You name it, I thought of it. That’s even despite the push from Spirit saying to me for more than a year this needed to be up and running before January. At the time I thought to myself, ‘Hey Guys, what’s the rush on this?’ I certainly see the reason now and it has become vital for me moving forward as all my events for the foreseeable future have been cancelled. I believe Spirit also helped me when I ended breaking my foot mid-January, as this certainly slowed me down, grounded me and allowed me to focus on getting it done. However, it was only in the past couple of days Spirit decided to give some guidance by the way of a little bit of slap.

Despite getting all this done and thinking things were really on track, the lock-downs and social distancing came along. This was a kick in the guts as several months of planning had literally just been cancelled in the blink of an eye. That didn’t stop me though as I knew I must tweak things around a little. As I was planning and working out what my next move was going to be in shifting out of the loss, I did not even know what I was doing until Spirit spoke to me, “Don’t think and focus on the now, it is the time to think beyond it. You are going back to your old patterns.”

BOOM! Such clarity in the space of a couple of sentences. As soon as I heard this and looked down at the plan I had on the paper, I saw it for what it was – the old, the comfortable and the things I knew I could to see me and my family through these uncertain times. The thing I did not see was that going back to those patterns would have defeated the purpose of the work I had done over the past 8 months and that it was a decision made from FEAR. Both of which go against one the most fundamental spiritual lessons – GROWTH. The plans in front of me would have stunted my growth on a personal and soul level. I was creating yet another reason to stop me from doing what I really wanted and to help me achieve what I was wanting to achieve and ultimately where I could see balance and happiness. All very important things!

The point here is that I would encourage you all to use this time where things are getting quieter around us, to use this time to start to prioritize you. Take care to make decision that are going to help you as a person for the future and not just the now for this time too shall pass. Take the time out to figure out what those important things are. Do your best to not let fear control you and do your best not to fall back into old patterns that no longer serve you. This is a very significant global shift we are in and the message is loud and clear – the old patterns no longer serve us both globally and individually. I implore you not to let the hard work you have put in go on hold or be wasted. I also encourage you find the time to see what makes you happy and put in the work now so that way once the world starts spinning again you will be one of the people who will be making the most of the opportunity and not being left behind.

Remember I am here for you should need to talk, hope this will help you and make sure that you and your families stay safe.


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