I didn't like my life...

WARNING....grab the cuppa, settle in, and lets see if any of this resonates with you. 

You might recall me talking about it or you may have read about it in my book, Searching Spirit, but there were quite a few years where 'I WAS DOING EVERYTHING RIGHT', but at the same time I FELT STUCK. When I was in this position, I found myself on a very slippery slope going down and fast. Here is how it felt and went -

---> I literally was doing everything right. Working a full-time job. Had an okay wage, but felt as though I was treading water and not getting anywhere. Regardless, I kept pushing and I kept working.  

---> I was getting tired. At first just physically. Soon it was physical AND mental. After that it was physical, mental AND emotional.

---> I was frustrated, snappy and exhausted. I would just want to 'rest' when I got home. I was too tired for my kids and for my wife. I automatically isolated myself as I just wanted 'me' time....

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fear growth guidance soul spirit Mar 21, 2020

We are all feeling the affects of the current COVID-19 outbreak and there are certainly some more affects to follow in the coming months. While this is obvious, I wanted to talk to you about the not so obvious opportunities that these uncertain times may present. These include letting go of what is no longer serving you and watching old behavioural patterns. 

It is amazing how many people have said 2020 is going to be the year. Well it certainly is, just not in the way people were hoping and thinking. I have always said it’s not going to be 2020, but 2021 that is going to be the year were everything is going to become crystallized and we can really feel the harmony of the energy moving us into this new decade. There have been a few key messages that Spirit have been relaying over the past few months and these are very much in line with the events that surround us now.

If you have been following me for a while you might recall a Facebook live feed just after Christmas...

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