Which card are you drawn to?

Take a deep breath and clear your mind. Have a look at the cards and pick one. Remember do not overthink it! What's the first one? Stick with that and do not change your mind. It is very important to be honest with yourself.

Here are the meaning of each card. Hopefully you will find insightful and helpful.


This card represents aspects of loss, regret and sorrow. These emotions arise more when we have high hopes and anticipation in area of our life, and these do not come to fruition. As the card shows there is a lady that is clutching onto what is broken and is already lost. If this card was calling you may be experiencing these emotions. What it is really asking you to do is not to dwell on what you have lost but recognize that the situation and feelings are what they are. Once you can accept what has happened only then can you start the process of overcoming the hardships and misfortunes you may have experienced.



To put it simply this card represents both victory and defeat. As you can see form the card the person standing is not celebrating a victory nor brooding over a loss. It is rather the middle ground of both. If this card is calling you will need to examine where you are at with your decision making at present. You will need to look at what you are willing to do to move forward in your life and what is important for you. Are you willing to let go of something or someone in order to move forward? Where are your limitations or boundaries? These are some important questions and they will need to be answered before you can really start see progress in your life again. Another important perspective to note is that sometimes by losing or being defeated, you will gain or prosper in ways you could not before. Examine your situation carefully.



This card is a hard one to admit being drawn to. If it has, I commend you for being honest with yourself. This is a quote that I love and sums it up best:

“People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.”

- Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

This card represents a loss in faith and/or wealth. Times are hard and it is very hard to see if, when or how things are going to get better. There will be strain emotionally, physically and psychologically. As much as the worry and insecurities may set in with this card it is also asking you to break things down. Simplify your life where you can, restructure and rebuild. Most of all it can appear in front of you when you need to recognize you are not alone and it is okay the ask for help.


Struggles and internal conflicts with yourself are ever present. You may find that there is struggle with prioritizing matters and you just wish and want for all of them be done or aired. While you may think this might be possible to get these things done, you need to be acutely aware of the stress, anxiety, worry, anger and hostility that this time and projects bring. These feeling will often start within yourself, but you may not be aware of how they are affecting others around you. The best thing to do if this card appealed to you is to start a critical thinking process and start being proactive in your approach to solving your current issues and problems. They are not going to sort themselves out so do not be afraid to step up and get your hands dirty in the process.


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