The Benefits of Working with Your Guides

Connecting with your guides and loved ones is a natural ability that all of us have; however, sometimes, it can be tricky to understand how to connect or recognise when it is happening.

First and foremost, learning to connect with your Spirit Guides is a unique and personal journey. No two experiences are the same, nor should they be. We are all individuals with our own paths and personalities…our Spirit Guides are no different.

It takes time, persistence, trust, and motivation to work at it and hone your skills. BUT…once you do, the feeling & experiences will blow your mind, and they will stay with you forever! PLUS, you now have a lifelong tool that can help you throughout your life; no matter where you are on your journey, you will always know your guides are by your side.

The support you feel when connecting with your guides is expansive beyond words. Their love for you knows no bounds, and they are always by your side, ready and waiting for you to ask for their guidance.

So now let me ask you a question…

Do you talk to your guides?

If you answered no, you can easily change that with a simple routine to implement daily. Upon rising in the morning, acknowledge your guides and say, “Good Morning,” and upon retiring at the end of the day offer gratitude to your guides with a “Thank You.” Yes, I hear you, “that feels a bit weird”, but what this simple step does is signal to your guides that you are ready to acknowledge, accept & grow your connection with them.

Think of your guides as your friends, a close confidant, and someone you would tell anything to or talk with like they are your best mate. Your guides know your life purpose, and they want to help you navigate this journey to fulfill that purpose.

Communication from your guides can come in many forms; it’s up to us to raise our vibrations, become aware, and take off the blinkers to see them. Dreams, signs, symbols, numbers, songs, synchronicities, and other messages may arise. It’s up to us to surrender to the experiences, allow and TRUST your intuition; those feelings are going to benefit the growth of your connection and relationship with your guides.

So, what are some key benefits of working with your guides?

  1. You'll feel more supported – by having the guidance and support of your guides can help you to feel more confident and capable in tackling whatever challenges come your way.
  2. You'll gain a deeper understanding of yourself - through working with your guides, you can gain a greater understanding of your own strengths, weaknesses, and potential. This can help you to make choices that are aligned with who you are and what you want to achieve in life.
  3. You'll learn to trust in what messages you receive - when you work with your guides; you can be confident that you're receiving accurate and helpful information that can support you in making decisions and taking action in your life.

If you’ve yearned to learn how to connect with your guides and loved ones, or perhaps go a little deeper with your understanding of connecting and channeling, but just didn’t know where to start; then, my Working with Your Guides course is for you!

This course is offered as one of the programs inside our INNA POWA membership. It's a self paced, 5 module course which helps you understand and connect to your loved ones and Guides. 

If you're interested, join the Inna Powa Waitlist and you will be notified when the next opening is available.



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