5 Reasons YOU’RE NOT Living

I don’t think many people know this about me, but it took close to THREE years before I decided to quit my day job and take charge of my own life and start my path as a spiritual entrepreneur.


Do you think you can hang on for that long? Could you go 3 years or go another 3 years feeling the way you do? Feeling like life is being sucked out of you? Tired and burnt out? Frustrated and irritable with those around you? Feeling as though everyone around you is moving on and you are struggling to keep your head above water. Most people just concede defeat, give up, stop believing in themselves and become numb. That’s why I’m committed to helping people take action to connect back to themselves and shorten the time frame I experienced. So, in order to make sure that this doesn’t become your life, we must identify what causes people to take so long to really BE themselves.

Here are the TOP 5 reasons why it takes so long for people to stop themselves from living:

Reason #1 - Loss of Passion!

We all experience it at some point in life. Getting caught up in trying to survive we often put ourselves last on the priority list. Do this for long enough and you will eventually let the little flames of passion burn out. Here is the thing though, you never truly lose it! It is always there inside of you. You just need to take time to connect and nurture yourself.

Reason #2 - Expectations of Others

Ever had someone close to you express their desires and dreams for you? Perhaps they have their own opinions on how you should be living right now? Even though these things are often said with ‘love’ we cannot help but take them on as criticism or as a judgement. We then carry these around with us causing us to doubt and double-guess ourselves. Ultimately, causing us to not make any decision of our own.

Reason #3 - Comparing Yourself to Others

This is the biggest confidence killer! And confidence is something we need to move forward in life. Quite often we doubt ourselves and our own experience and abilities when we start to compare ourselves to others. That forces us to stop, take a detour, thinking we need to go out and learn more or even self-sabotage our prospects by giving up on the idea before we even begin.

Reason #4 - Staying in the Comfort Zone

We are all ultimately here to learn and grow. That’s one of the main reasons for us being here as a soul. How does staying in the comfort zone achieve this? By only doing the things you know and are comfortable with you STOP experiencing life. Staying in the comfort zone is the quickest way to living on autopilot, becoming numb and losing your passion!

Reason #5 - Not BE-ing YOUR authentic self

This is one of the biggest time and energy KILLERS! This is where you feel as though you always have to be a different person for each group of family friends you meet. YOu may feel like no one understands you or knows what you are going through. The trick here is no one ever will unless you learn to embrace it and speak up and BE YOURSELF!

So many wonderful souls that I have had the privilege of connecting with over the years all keep saying “if only I did this years ago”.  They missed out on years of BE-ing their true selves by not asking for help sooner! It can be overwhelming when you want to change…how the heck do you even know where to start?

The whole “I’ll do it myself’ or ‘one-day’ approach is like trying to dig for buried treasure without a metal detector. You stay busy digging, (and working hard), but how do you even know if you’re digging in the right spot?! You don’t!

Do you know what your most valuable treasure is? Your time and energy! So don’t you want to find and look after your treasure?

Do it alone = Trial & Error. Trial & Error = Long & Slow. Long & Slow = Waste of Time & Energy.

The right teacher shows you WHERE to dig, HOW to dig, and how to get anything out of the way that would PREVENT you from digging!

Yet unfortunately most people either tell themselves one day they will change or acquire more content and information, thinking that one day they will finally know ‘everything’ and things will magically fall into place

But the truth is, no amount of knowledge will EVER compensate for a lack of perspective. But with the right teacher, guide and coach, you get someone who helps light the way, shows you where to focus, and gets you the results you want faster so you can skip all the ‘trial and error’ nonsense.

And if what I am saying is already resonating with you, maybe you’re already prepared to make the change. If so, then Inna Powa can help light the way and help you get Back 2 Life sooner rather than later. 




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