Afterlife Video Series

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Have you ever been curious or have questions about Spirit and the Spirit world?

Perhaps you have lost a loved one and wonder what has happened to them?

Then this video series is here to help you answers these questions.

What you'll get:


  • Get access to over 30 videos instantly 

  • Delivered in easy to watch segments (approx 10mins long each)

  • Access to all future videos when added to the library

  • Lifetime access for a one off price


What People Are Saying:

What a wonderful collection of videos, and such a surprise to see them appear!!! Thank you so much Peter for the time you have taken to put this together, I'm sure everyone has learned a lot of things they had never heard of before. I personally found it all fascinating to watch.

Vikki Bressan

I have binged my way through these videos! Loved them! It has certainly helped to clarify some of my questions and validate some of the things I have been experiencing. It must've taken hours of work to compile these so many grateful thanks for all that you have accomplished! I look forward to seeing what you and your guides have in store for us next!

Valerie Heslop

Peter, This is bloody awesome!! Just what I needed to know to clarify my experience!! I feel since watching this that I am getting drawn to picking up the cards again and see how comfortable I am with them!! Wow....just wow!! This has definitely opened up things for me that I wasn't 100% sure but I am now!! Thanks so, so much!!

Sharon Wicks

Just WOW! You are confirming with what I felt and what I have received from Spirit about these things. Thank you so much! I can't stop watching these videos.

Shelz Anderson

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