For those who have been following or stalking me on social media you will know that I recently had an absolute nightmare of a time with my website. It was hacked and that led to me losing emails, contact details and more importantly bookings! Try as one might, there are somethings you just cannot control. This was certainly one of them. It has been a nightmare to reorganize everyone and again I thank everyone for their patience. Now while it may seem there was no rhyme or reason to my site being collateral damage in the server hack, it was not until this afternoon that I find out why some things happen the way they do.

In this case my client my was an older lady and she was keen to come and see me after her daughter recommended me. So the appointment was made back in November 2015. Once we sat down in my office and I opened up as I usually do and I could sense a lady coming through. The lady in spirit was very forthcoming and gave me a lot of detail. However, my client said that she...

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