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Last Saturday, I had the privilege of reading for a client who was very open to whatever or to whoever came through in her personal session with me. It surprised both of us when the first visitor just happened to be a 5 year old boy. When I opened myself up to the Spirit world he was not shy about coming forward, but one thing did concern me was that he stood beside me and not my client. This is Spirit’s way of telling me how they are related or connected to the client. By standing beside me he was informing me that  he was far removed from my client. I must admit I was frustrated as I knew Spirit were going to make me work extra hard and it was my first session for the day! To make things a little harder he proceeded to tell me that he passed away as an infant and gave me very little detail about his family. I relayed the information to the client who returned a very puzzled look. I would not have blamed her as this was a little out of the norm. To her credit, she explained that with little detail I could give her that her mind ran towards that of her best friend of 40 years who lost a brother when she was young. After telling me this, I asked the little boy for more information so we could confirm who he belongs to. He calmly stated, ‘My name is Daniel’, which I passed on. I was met with an expression of disbelief as she confirmed that her best friends brother who died as an infant was indeed Daniel.

Since that session this topic has been burning on the back of my mind. As such I have decided to share my thoughts and experiences from my communications with those souls on the other side. This will not be able to answer every question, but may just help bring some of you a certain level of understanding.


The Ever Present Energy

How many of you have been to a psychic and they said, ‘There is a child around you waiting to come through?’ or  ‘That there may be 3 children in your life?’ I imagine quite a few of you. I know that some of my own clients have heard this from me! And now when I get a reading I seem to get it all the time too. The readers always sense that I already have children. Then they ask me how many and I answer that I have 2. “Oh, there is one more waiting to come through,” is the very next thing I hear. I flat out dismiss that notion as Spirit know that 2 is enough! So the question is why are we being told this? Especially if we have gone about procedures to fix the problem of having another accident. From my experience as both a reader and a client I have been able to see both sides and have come to an understanding. Even though it came after have a tennis match of an argument with my guides about us having the third child!

The first thing that we need to understand is that before we decided to come back and have another crack at this thing called ‘life’, we ultimately sat down with our guides and Spirit buddies and drafted a plan so we could maximize our time and learning for this incarnation. In this plan we may have included children into the draft as they will be included in the lessons that are needed for us. Once this has been locked in and we make our way through the veil once again and take the journey of amnesia through conception, it is most likely that our future child’s or children’s energies will be ever present with us (as long as it still adheres to the lessons planned).

In my own case we currently have two children and it is very obvious that we planned a third on the other side. That said, what I would like to make abundantly clear is that despite that plan, we still have the choice as to whether or not we wish to bring that soul through. Even if you chose not to, this does not mean that we have made a wrong or bad decision, we simply decided that we did not want to fulfill that part of the plan. Those lessons that we were meant to have will now either be delivered in a different way or will be delayed for the next time we incarnate. So whether you have made a decision to stop accidents from happening or perhaps you are simply entering your golden years, when you hear those same lines from readers (including myself!), rest assured it is simply the ever present energy of your ‘planned’ child in your energetic field that a reader picks up on during a session. So what can we take away from this? Well if you are planning to have children then this would be very welcomed news as it will most likely be easy to conceive. If not, then it might be a good idea to take extra precautions!

Miscarriages & Abortions

In the reading above with the boy spirit Daniel, my client’s did happen to mention she did have a miscarriage between her 3 children. Daniel was very quick and adamant to reassure me that this was not the case and that he indeed did make into this world. Not only did this information help pin point who he belonged, but he helped answer a couple of questions of mine:

‘When does the Soul meld with the fetus?’ and ‘What happens to the Souls of miscarriages and abortions?’


In Daniel’s case he made it into this world and therefore he fully melded with his body and mind, and after been born, tragically he passed away. As such he returned ‘home’ like any other person’s soul would. It is in the gestation period that the melding occurs. Some of you may be aware of the ‘silver umbilical cord’? If not them this is what is commonly seen when one astral travels. It is the cord the attaches the soul to the human body. In the early stages of pregnancy, it is my understanding that the soul attaches here first with the body and for the majority of the time the soul is still free to move around and not be permanently tied into that body. This was well documented in Dr. Michael Newton’s book, ‘Journey of the Souls’. Later there comes a time when the soul must meld with the human mind. It is at this time, I believe the soul becomes secured to the body and gives reason as to why the gestation period for humans is nine months. It takes this full length of time not only for the fetus to grow, but also allows a soul to fully complete the meld or integration with the host body. In regards to the exact timing of when these melds occur it is hard to say and I believe it does vary, just like pregnancies do. Now if there are complications this may lead to a miscarriage or an abortion.

Primarily based on the melding theory, and my connection with Daniel, I believe it to be that when a miscarriage occurs or whether a person or couple chose to have an abortion (both for development issues or choice) then it would appear as though the soul of the child would be placed on hold. I strongly believe that one does not lose that soul. Rather it just detaches from the body and wait for the next opportunity. ‘What if there is no next opportunity?’ I hear you ask. Well that answer comes back to one common theme – CHOICE. Now, just like we have the choice to have an abortion I see the miscarriage as the soul’s version of an abortion. They may chose this for numerous reasons, but the common link is that it is not the ‘right time’. Timing is one of the most important things for a soul because when it decides to meld, it has figured out that the timing is right to help maximize the time for that incarnation. So if there is no room left to maximize the lessons and opportunities for an incarnation then they will permanently step back and again the lessons will be redirected or also placed on hold. Thus leaving us to live out our lives as we chose with what lessons are still in tact.

After reading this, I hope that you can come to realize that if you have ever experienced a miscarriage or had an abortion that you have not lost your ‘little soul’ and won’t be able to experience a life with them. Just that either you or they are waiting for the right time to maximize the not only the lessons you set out together, but the love and laughter that you will share too.

Many Blessings



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