For those of you who saw those news headlines this week about David Campbell and his four-year old son’s claims that he was the reincarnation of Princess Diana, you may find you’ve been left with more questions than answers.

David Campbell, son of legendary Jimmie Barnes, went public in the Sunday Telegraph’s Stellar Magazine on Sunday, explaining that his son Billy first identified as Diana when he was two years old. The little boy had apparently pointed at a photograph of Diana and said, ‘Then one day the sirens came and I wasn’t a princess anymore’. 

Joshua Fox from the Daily Mail contacted me for my take on the story – and you can read that interview here.

So – reincarnation – what’s it all about? Could this story actually be possible?

Well, first thing’s first before we really get into this fascinating topic. If you’ve ever been to one of my events, you’ll know that I am an ‘evidence-based’ medium. That means I provide evidence that your loved one has come through – and lots of it. I don’t ask you questions or try to read you, or try to make the information fit. I take my job very seriously in terms of giving you the ‘proof’.

In spite of what the ‘click-bate’ sensationalised headline may say – I never at any point say in this article ‘this absolutely is Princess Diana’ – because in a situation like that I can’t ‘prove’ it beyond all doubt.

That said, if I didn’t believe in reincarnation, then I wouldn’t be able to do the work I do. If you are a medium or spiritual it is generally part of your belief system. When I say, in this situation I can’t categorically prove it – that’s not to say there isn’t proof out there – I just mean in this particular scenario.

The basic premise of reincarnation is once someone passes over, they have some time in the after life or in the Spirit world and eventually, at a time of their choosing, they will come back to learn more lessons or work through whatever experiences they wish to work through. Essentially the soul has more growth they wish to achieve – or understanding on a deeper level.

We have free will when we are here in this human experience – as much as we are guided by Spirit – but as a soul we also have that free will.



It’s very normal for children between the ages of 3-6 to (a) recall a past life/or lives, (b) to sense and see spirit and (c) to talk to spirit.

Once children get beyond that age they are more likely to be influenced by the outside world of school and such.

Younger children have had more recent contact with the spirit world so their memories are still connected and are much clearer. They have that innocence so they can recall things without bias – there is a neutrality to these recollections.

So, these stories from children like David’s son are indeed plausible. There is a lot of evidence and a lot of research that supports these theories, so if you are interested in this topic I urge you to check out some of the links a bit further on in this article.

So, if your child is recollecting a past life, and if they are recalling it so vividly, your child may be experiencing nightmares. This is generally because there is a constant memory or recollection associated with a level of trauma – and that trauma may be associated with their death. There might be an emotional scar where they have a recollection of being torn away from family – so perhaps part of their journey in life is to heal part of that trauma.



I know right – wasn’t it hard enough first time around? The main reason a soul would come back in this scenario would be to heal, either to heal a part of themselves or to help others heal.

In this instance with Princess Diana, you may find there are details coming through about her passing, or it may be that she feels a little bit robbed of her connection with her boys and her grandchildren. We just don’t know – and the only one who will know is David Campbell’s little boy. Who knows what may come out over time.

This situation does raise another interesting question though. How long does a soul generally wait between lives before they come back? Well, ‘it depends’. That is completely up to the soul itself. Again, we just do not really know as we are only just scratching the surface with all this.



As a medium I have my own belief system – my own personal beliefs – and the work I do provides proof to others.  However, if you have not had that experience with a medium you may want more – something tangible.

The really exciting thing here though is the University of Virginia have gone some way to actually ‘proving’ past lives are real – actually proving it. They have some rigorous testing to establish whether a child is recalling a past life or not.  I could share so many amazing examples of these ‘proven’ recollections that blew my mind, but perhaps we can discuss these in another article.

University of Virginia – Division of Perceptual Studies

The University is home to some amazing, open-minded scientists who are committed to the study of ‘consciousness’ and its interaction with the physical world. After all, we are human and we do like to see the ‘proof’ in all things.

Of course, we could not discuss reincarnation without touching on the Buddhist belief in the principle of reincarnation. Buddhist are firm in their belief that the Dalai Lama has the ability to choose the body into which he is reincarnated. That person then becomes the next Dalai Lama. His Holiness, the 14th  Dalai Lama of Tibet has written extensively about reincarnation and how rebirth takes place and it is an interesting read indeed if you are interested in the tradition.

Brian Weiss also has a lot to say on the subject of reincarnation based on his experiences as a hypnotherapist and past life regressionist. What’s fascinating about his story is he didn’t believe in reincarnation when he first started his practice. He had an experience with one of his patients that changed all that. If you read his story alone it’s an interesting journey from sceptic to the ‘father’ of reincarnation and past life experiences. I recommend his book ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’. He has done a lot of research into reincarnation, survival of the human soul after death, past life and future life progression. Just take a tour of YouTube and you will find countless videos which feature this interesting guy.

When you do your research, you may come across another fascinating example of a woman who was reincarnated to find her Irish children. Her name is Jenny Cockell and she claimed she had vivid memories of her former life from a very young age. She was actually able to meet those children, but I won’t tell you anymore about that one. Go and check out her story online or on YouTube – it’s incredible!

Of course, I’ve had a bit of experience with some past life stuff myself, there is a lot of healing that can be achieved if these experiences are handled appropriately. I touch on that that in my book, Searching Spirit if you are interested. I saw these experiences, I felt these experiences and I know I couldn’t have made that stuff up so spontaneously so on that level I can totally relate to these reincarnation memories.

There is just so much I could talk about but hopefully this have given you a bit more food for thought over and above what was written in the news article this week.

I do just want to close by re-iterating my earlier point. I am an evidence -based medium, so I personally will never state 100% for sure that I can prove that your loved one has reincarnated. Proof of reincarnation requires rigorous testing, fact checking and so on and as I said there are scientists and specialists committed to research and testing in this area.


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