For those who have been following or stalking me on social media you will know that I recently had an absolute nightmare of a time with my website. It was hacked and that led to me losing emails, contact details and more importantly bookings! Try as one might, there are somethings you just cannot control. This was certainly one of them. It has been a nightmare to reorganize everyone and again I thank everyone for their patience. Now while it may seem there was no rhyme or reason to my site being collateral damage in the server hack, it was not until this afternoon that I find out why some things happen the way they do.

In this case my client my was an older lady and she was keen to come and see me after her daughter recommended me. So the appointment was made back in November 2015. Once we sat down in my office and I opened up as I usually do and I could sense a lady coming through. The lady in spirit was very forthcoming and gave me a lot of detail. However, my client said that she could not place the information. Within 10 minutes I realized that a connection was not going to be made today and after some discussion we decided it was best to reschedule the reading and see how it goes next time. It is never easy trying to explain and having to let people know that we have to reschedule as the connection is just not happening, but I would rather not proceed with a session than sit there and waffle on with something that doesn’t connect. That is just not me. Fortunately the mother and daughter were very understanding especially considering they drove over an hour to come and see me. As for the lady that came through she was for the next client. She was just pushy and jumped the line!

After some time the next appointment was scheduled for April this year. This is when it was starting to become harder for people to book as there was a bit of waiting list, but luckily enough they managed to get an appointment. April finally rolls around and I receive a message from the daughter. She was explaining to me that her work shifts got changed around and she could no longer drive her mother to my office and was hoping I could squeeze her in the next day. By this point I was fully booked till late July. We were stuck and so we rescheduled to July. Fast forward to July – month of dramas and the month on my website hack. With missing information coupled with me getting sick with migraines and being bed ridden, my clients drove the hour to my office only to find out that I am not well and not there! (Lesson here folks – back up your backup of your backup!) Talk about a complete unfortunate chain of events. At this point we both were looking at the options of what to do and by this point I had no sessions available to September as I was overseas for the month. Not only was the client disappointed (and rightly so) I was also disappointed over the whole situation. Needless to say we all agreed to give it one more try. In the words of the daughter, “Third time lucky I hope Peter.”

Well today was the day. They made the one hour trek (for the third time!) to Soul Point Holisitics, Chirn Park. I felt that we were all on edge considering the build up and saga that had occurred. So the mother and I jump into the session.

I explained to her that I had a man coming in behind her. He was a little shy with fine, wispy hair and wanted to keep patting down the sides of his head over his ears. He said to me ‘ventriculitis’ and asked her if she knew what this was as I had heard of it, but didn’t not know. Unfortunately the client did not know either. He man was then adamant about driving the car and that he had to drive. At this point my client explained to me that her late husband who I described wanted a new car before he passed. He indeed got the new car, but due to being blind in one eye and having a brain tumor his doctors did not allow him to drive (we checked after the session and found the ventriculitis is swelling and constriction of blood vessels in the brain!). Sad to say he did not get to drive the car before he passed. One thing I assured her of is that he is driving it now in the spirit world and that he will wait to take you for a drive. With tears rolling down her face, she further explained that her late husband was adamant about driving her around all the time.


Touching Hands

The love between them is strong and has not diminished since his passing as he allowed me to recall for him the dance party the first met and with him stepping on her feet. He showed me the street and block of land where they built their first house and made a life together. He was coming through with messages of comfort and about her health and how he was communicating with her from the spirit world. All to which was well received and relieving for that she now knows she is not losing her mind, but in actual fact the things she has been feeling are indeed her late husband in Spirit. Where this reading really took a turn was when he explained and showed me the new house she was looking at. She was afraid he was not going to be happy with her moving. I simply assured her that he is already scoping out the neighbors and planning the garden and lawn. With a massive sigh and tears of relief she said he loved the garden and the lawn was always immaculate. He then passed on the messages of love for her went to explain that he was proud of her. I asked him why is he saying this and he explained that she had finally started to let go and now he could actually get through to her.


My client happily explained to me that she has been so grief stricken by the loss of her husband that she has been seeing a psychologist and that her psychologist used the same words. I asked her to clarify and she explained that her psychologist had said recently to her that the decision with moving house was the first sign of her letting go she has seen since her husband’s passing. Something inside of my tweaked and I asked her when exactly this was said. Her answer, ‘This morning’. Can you believe that?! I was gobsmacked. She looked at me with a question look as a big smile came over my face. I went on to explain that grief restricts the access of spirit to the person they are trying to communicate with and always affects a client’s mindset in a session. Only over the past few weeks did she start working on her grief and make the decision to move forward with her life. Yet, here we are on the same day where her psychologist sees a positive change in her that we have a session and her late husband comes through to connect with her.


It is another reading that has touched my soul and made realize that despite all the rescheduling the timing was perfect! It was 10 months in the making, but it was perfect. Not only was it a great session, but I felt so proud of her for being able to find the strength to ‘let go’ and move forward. For everyone out there wanting to connect with their loved ones it is the times where you ‘let go’ where you can become closest to those in the Spirit world. I know sounds counter intuitive, but time and time again Spirit show me examples that this is the way and today was no different. To my client if you are reading this, again thank you for bearing with the rescheduling, believing in me and allowing me to connect you to your late husband. I just want to say that your husband is proud of you as well as am I and I wish you all the best with the new house and moving on, but not forgetting.

Truly and genuinely, lots of love to you and your family.


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