Some of you may recall way back in July, Joshua Fox from The Daily Mail interviewed me to get my take on an intriguing story surrounding David Campbell’s four-year-old son Billy who believed he was Diana, the “People’s” Princess who died in a car accident in 1997.

David Campbell, son of legendary Jimmie Barnes, went public with the story in the Sunday Telegraph’s Stellar Magazine, explaining that his son Billy first identified as Diana when he was two years old. The little boy had apparently pointed at a photograph of Diana and said, ‘Then one day the sirens came and I wasn’t a princess anymore’.

Since the news of that story and the subsequent interview broke, I’ve been meaning to put a few words together on the subject of psychic kids. It’s one of these topics I actually get asked about quite a lot.

People want to know, how they can tell whether their kid is psychic, or what they should do if they are. Similarly, some parents want to know how to tell whether their kid is winding them up or whether their experiences are something they should take seriously.

Many people assume I must have been psychic as a child, but for those of you who’ve read my book Searching Spirit, you’ll know that wasn’t the case for me. Well, in saying that, let’s say – as far as was aware of at the time. I actively developed my gifts and abilities so I made a choice to go down that path – but in actual fact many kids do not make that choice.

It’s a tough break for children who are psychic or gifted at a young age. When they share their experiences, they are often told to stop imagining things, or they are dismissed as attention seeking.

In fact, Lisa Williams (no relation) opens her books ‘Life Among the Dead’ with the lines
“I was three years old when I saw dead people for the first time.” She goes on to describe how she told her mum there were people in the walls of her room. As you’d expect, her mum thought she was making it up or at the very least, she had a vivid imagination. Well, many of you will know how that turned out for Lisa, (if you don’t she is a highly successful British Medium now living in the US), though I have to say she was probably one of the lucky ones.

Many children shut down when they are not believed or they become fearful of their experience and enter into a seemingly safe space of denial.

Looking back to more traditional times back in the 50s or 60s say, it would certainly have seemed a bit left of field to be dealing with such a child, but just think about this for a moment. Nowadays we are experiencing a huge shift in consciousness and more people than ever before are moving toward their own spiritual awakening. It makes sense that the children coming in now are much more evolved on a vibrational level.

That said, many still do not have the tools to cope with the times we are living in in our own lives – far less able to help our children who are exhibiting psychic and spiritual awareness at a much earlier age than ever before. But at the very least we should be more open to the possibilities.



The first point I would make is simply to pay attention. It is highly likely that your child has some degree of psychic awareness or ability. Generally speaking, young children, between the ages of three and seven, don’t have the limitations of an external belief system. They haven’t been “taught” that “there is no such thing as spirit” so that constraint isn’t there.


Typically children around the age of seven begin to lose their abilities, or perhaps don’t discuss them so openly due to other belief systems and fear of judgement.

With this in mind, just quietly note any comments your child makes without making too much of a big deal about it or putting words in their mouth.

Ultimately each child’s ability or perception is very different to the next so it makes it difficult to provide you with an exhaustive checklist. However, if you think about Mediums, just as an example, some may have a greater depth of clairaudience while another might operate more as a clairvoyant – children are no different.  This brings me on to my next point. Does your child talk about ‘seeing’ or ‘hearing’ or ‘feeling’ people or spirits – or perhaps talk about things with a ‘knowing’?

Perhaps your child has an imaginary friend? Perhaps they are not imaginary. You can generally tell by asking your child questions about their friend. There is a big difference between a child whispering, wide-eyed, “Ssh mum he’s sitting right there on the chair staring at you – can’t you see him?” and a child taking time to create their child-like answer from their imaginary friend.

There are other tell-tale signs your child is sensing energies or spirit when it comes to vivid dreams, emotions, taking on other people’s hurts, awareness of deceased relatives the child has never met, perhaps even an interest or knowledge of another country, culture, language or time in history.



The first thing to say is don’t worry! Being psychic or spiritually aware can be a very valuable tool to negotiate life with if handled appropriately. The last thing you want to do is pass on any fears to your child.

If my kids were to show signs of being psychic or gifted in this way, my own experiences and background will be a bonus for sure. It’s not something that would freak me out or make me question their imagination or motives – assuming they shared their experiences with me – because I understand what’s happening and it doesn’t scare me. So, a good grounding is the best way forward. Engage with your child with openness, supportiveness and acceptance, just don’t make your kid feel odd. Neither do you want to put thoughts, words or images into your child’s mind. Listening and engaging with what they share with you is enough.

Many such children, however, hide their abilities and heightened perceptions and experience for fear of ridicule. After all, children don’t want to stand out. They just want to blend in, and be like their friends. They don’t want to be labelled ‘different’.

In some cases, particularly where a child has risked sharing their world, they have been told they have a


colourful imagination or they are story tellers. For those children this is a frustrating, lonely path and can lead to behavioural issues later down the track or, conversely, the child may become withdrawn, feeling their words, voice and experiences have no value.

If you are the parent of a psychic child, then I get it. As a healthy sceptic, you could be facing a complete turnaround in everything you have ever believed in up to this point – and it might just take a bit of time.

At the end of the day, our children are here for a reason. Perhaps they are here to teach us life lessons, or perhaps they are the messenger that guides us to our awakening or our true calling. They have their own unique journey to follow. It’s our job as adults to love, support and nurture psychic children on their path. Their gifts are needed for the future of our planet so it would seem to me if your child is psychic or has a spiritual gift this is not cause for panic, worry or fear, but instead a cause for joy and celebration.


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