Are you ready for this? There is a little more going on here than normal so pay attention and read till the end.

Part 1 🌟

Carefully take note of all eight cards. Now you need to choose the one that is really grabbing you. Not necessarily the one you like, but the one your eyes keep being drawn to for whatever reason.

Got that? Good. ……..Now write that one down.

Part 2 🌟

You now need to find an opposite. Read carefully…..if in the First part you chose a 1 card (numbers at the bottom of each card) you now need to choose a 10 (X) card. Or vice-versa if you chose an X card you now need to choose a 1 card.

When choosing the second card it be aware that your second card does NOT have to be the same type (ie does not have to be 1 & X cups. Could be 1 coins & X wands).

That’s how you start yourself off with this reading now let’s look at the results and meanings.

Below you will see the individual meanings which you will get to in a moment, but before you do let me explain why the specific combinations. We are on the precipice of some significant energetic changes. As we transition from 2019 to 2020 we leave a lot behind and embrace a whole lot more for the next decade. The reason I had you chose is that we are at the end of a cycle and at the beginning of another. This little intuitive exercise will help you to see where you are at with the transition.


If you chose your cards in this order, then you are really in the flow of things. You are on track with taking control of issues around you and starting to embrace the new. The X card denotes the area of your life that you have/are working on to clear up and finish before the new year and the 1 card denotes the new area in which will be finding a focus in the beginning of 2020.


You are already feeling the positive vibes of 2020 pulsing through and the 1 card you chose will help you to see what area you feeling good about and want to work on. By choosing the X second, this shows either an unfinished area that you need to look at or an area that you have/are procrastinating in and recommend that you really examine this area of your life sooner rather than later so that it does not impede on the new year’s energy.


This card is a very appropriate choice for the energy that we are in at present. It represents a massive surge in creativity, passion, inspiration and motivations. I always refer to the wands and fire as the spark of life and if you have ended been drawn to this then get ready for a surge of energy coming your way, if you have not already started to feel it. The thoughts and passions can manifest themselves as completely new or giving you clarity and a fresh perspective on task or situation that you are currently working on. Do not take this time lightly as the energy associated with this choice is strong, invigorating and transformative. If this was your choice, write down the ideas as they will be coming in quick waves and do not be afraid to take the action you are wanting to take.

In short, this represents the universe giving you four shots of caffeine in the morning, a few of cans of Redbull and couple of vitamin B tablets to boot. Make the most of it for it does not last for ever!



There is no hiding on this choice as it is going to call in emotions on all levels.

Arrrgh……I have had enough of emotional crap already!” I hear you say. Well do not fear as this choice is calling in the new and fresh energy. This energy is not asking us to deal with the old emotions like we have for the past 8 months or more (although I hope you have otherwise they may interfere with the new), it is bringing in the new and asking us to see the positive to assist in propelling us forward with the right friends, tribe and community. One aspect about this choice this though is that newness is going to be coming from the depths of our soul and psyche. Not unlike a natural spring of water that comes from deep beneath the earth. This may be a little challenging and confronting, but all in a positive manner. Whether you may be up for changes in your romantic or platonic relationships or perhaps in your spiritual life, know that these emotions are going to be important for you and serve you for the better in the next phase of your life.

Overall, this is an exciting energy, but a little more low key than that of the wands. The cups allow us to feel and contemplate the energy a little more. One piece of advice though, make sure you embrace it and not let it pass you by. The thing emotional changes you take on over the next few months have the capacity to be with you in your life for the next 10 years plus! Now that is nothing to take lightly.



Clarity of mind and a strong feel of determination is the message of this card and the energy that you are needing to embrace. The difference here is that this all stems from yourself compared to that of the wands which is more universal energy. You have managed to work and push yourself into this energy which will now help you to create space for your next move. You will need to consider this carefully though as this energy can be used positively or negatively. All depends on how you wish to deal with circumstances surrounding you. The good news here is that having this energy helps push us towards the positive.

Summing it up, if you have been looking for a new direction or new path then you have paved the way for it. Get busy communicating and bouncing ideas of people as it will help you to strive and work your way forward. Remember, try to keep your mind clear and not let others cloud it, you or your newfound optimism for your life.



Can you feel the crack of the universes’ whip? Perhaps you are feeling as though you cannot get things finished fast enough as you are already working with the newfound dedication? These a couple of ways to know whether you are in the energy of the ace of coins or not. If you don’t feel so then do not worry as it will come. This is the time to pick up the shovel and the other tools and get moving on the ideas and projects that you already have in place. This is getting to work on building things in the here and now whether it be a new business, new studies, new job, new house, or another form of new venture. The key message here is that whatever you are about to really get moving on it is going to have meaning and a greater sense of purpose to you and perhaps to the world. Something is really calling you and you can no longer ignore it! Well you can but I believe that would be foolish and do not say I didn’t tell you.

The point here is get moving. Have the courage to take the step forward to start making your life what you want it to be. Invest the time, resources, money and energy to get it done! If you don’t, the only thing you will know for certain is that you will keep asking your yourself ‘what if’? After all the universe at this time has got your back. What more do you need? (That’s rhetorical by the way)



Overburdened, overworked, exhausted or simply burnt out. Any of that ring a bell? If you really looked at this card you would have noticed that it really speaks for itself. Now while we can easily establish how you might be feeling we need to look at why? By being drawn to this card the universe is asking you to take a good hard look at your current situation as it does not want you to feel like this or continue to suffer from it.

The bad news in this situation is that you got yourself into this mess, but the good news is that you can get yourself out. To turn things around it will not be magical nor immediate. Rather it will require some patience and the need to take it one step at a time. Here are a few simple steps to help get you started. Relinquish the things you do not need to really do, maintain firm boundaries with those who maybe taking advantage of your good and caring nature, learn to ask for help along with learning to say no! Whilst they may appear simple for some, to people in this situation it can be harder than it seems. However, if you decide to take these steps you will end up with a great sense of relief, be able to breathe, have better sleep and health as well as a new found confidence as you start to turn your life around.  Now who doesn’t want that!



Oh wow… you really chose this one? Are you sure you do not want to change your mind before we proceed? Well I sincerely hope not. I could not think of a more positive end to a cycle in any case. This choice represents a real culmination and satisfaction of the hard work you have put in and undoubtedly put up with over the year. It signifies a sense of harmony and peace on any emotional area of your life that you have been struggling with. Whether it be family, relationship, friendships or even with yourself, you have worked hard and persisted and now you have time to breathe again. If this was your first choice, then you will find satisfaction in taking the time to enjoy the peace and reflect happily on those you cherish around you. If it was your second choice, do not fear as it will mean either things are falling into to place for you in the emotions area or that you need to act and clean up this area in order to reach this wonderful state. It’s right there in front of you so what are you waiting for?



As much as I might have joked around with the previous one there is no joking around here. If you were drawn to this card, then it is for very good reason and a simple one – IT’S DONE! IT’S OVER! IT’S GONSKI!

Like I stated before no fooling around here. Universe has helped you reach the conclusion of a situation that no longer serves you. Now, not saying that this end and change doesn’t hurt, but I am saying that it is for the better. You may find yourself in a situation in which you feel you have fallen short or failed, perhaps there are outdated ideas or philosophies that no longer sit right with you. Whatever the case it is time to let them go because by doing so you get the chance at a fresh start or could have new and exciting ideas. Embrace the change as the universe is assisting you and not hindering you.

If this was your first choice then, you are already doing it or faced with this situation. If you are then the timing is perfect so work with the energy. If you this was your second choice, then I need to say to you – stop fooling yourself and fighting yourself as the change and end upon you is in part of your own doing and/or desire.


There are two words that always resonate with me very strongly about this choice – stability and long-term. Oh, and did I mention that it might also mean money coming your way! Not that you are worried about that though. The good thing about the choice it is denotes you have really worked hard and now you can reap the rewards of your labours. You will also find that you have a strong cohort of trusted people around you that have helped you get to where you are now whether they be friends, colleagues or some form of other community members around you. One important aspect the is normally forgotten about this energy is that it asks us to pay homage to our beginnings and our roots. For without them we may have never even ended up in the place to start with. With that in mind, say thank you where justified or show your gratitude and appreciation to those around you. After all success is always more enjoyable when you have people to share it with.

Now that you have a chance to review it all I do hope it has helped you in some way. As always I love to know what you think and how you went with your own little intuitive reading so make sure you jump on Facebook or Insta to let me know. Better yet just hit one the gold icons below to share it.

Remember, this is just a guide and is here to help you and if you find it doesn’t really resonate with you that’s completely fine too. Sincerely just wish and want to the best for you all in 2020! It’s yours for the making!


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